“Your employees are the most knowledgeable and friendly people I’ve met since moving to Boone!”
Sue Romp

“If I have ever had any issues arise that needed repair, there have only been a few, but they have always been addressed quickly and professionally. I have been a tenant for almost 3 years now, and I am grateful that issues have been dealt with with by people who care. I have leased from others that have far less to maintain, and have waited far too long for others to address issues. With McRentals/Friends & Family……..So very different. In my humble opinion, they cannot be praised enough!”
“Dear All, Thank you so much for being ‘Great’ Landlords! I truly appreciated being your tenant! Happy 4th & God Bless!”
“THANK YOU! It was a great 2 years and I will call to rent from you again if I’m ever back in the area!”
Katie Z.
“Like many of us, I’ve fallen on unexpected hard times on a couple of occasions, and you, especially, Dee, along with your kind and understanding staff, were there for me each time. With a kind heart and helpful support, I was able to find a new home when I needed one quickly.
Knowing that at my age and with my meager income I would most likely have to kiss the dream of having a house of my own goodbye, I ran across my current, spacious two-bedroom apartment for rent online. I now call this personal space, which I also affectionately refer to as my “farmhouse on main street”, home.
Thank you for keeping my rent affordable and, as I tell my family and friends, as long as I can climb the stairs to my front door, I remain content to be here.
However, when renting, it’s not just the space that makes the home, but the balanced feeling of being looked after and cared for while enjoying one’s privacy, and McRentals has always been very kind to me in all these matters, thank you! God bless you all in 2018!”